5 reasons why foreigners choose Sunshine City?

Although it was just opened for sale not long ago, the Sunshine City Hanoi project has had a rate of up to 20% of the total foreign order limit of 30%. What is the reason why Sunshine City catches the eye of foreign customers?

1. Nice location in Tay Ho Tay

Location of Sunshine City
Nice location in Tay Ho Tay

Many foreigners, including foreign elites, have “fallen in love” in the West Lake area for the first time here. This place with fresh space of 1,000 hectares of water surface and green trees, low population density … is a factor attracting the attention of many foreign customers.

Located in a position that can be considered the center of the “Dragon Head” area, Sunshine City Ciputra opens an unlimited view to the poetic West Lake, nostalgic Red River, and shimmering colorful Nhat Tan bridge, inheriting all both the inherent natural beauty of this area’s scenic populations, as well as the fresh and airy environmental conditions.

2. Convenient connection for transportation and community

Convenient traffic from Sunshine City Ciputra
Convenient connection for transportation and community

With increasingly completed infrastructure such as Nhat Tan Bridge and Vo Chi Cong expressway, Nguyen Van Huyen street, which is coming to the destination, Sunshine City Hanoi is a very convenient project for foreigners when moving to other downtown areas as well as to Noi Bai international airport.

After the extended Nguyen Van Huyen Street comes into operation, all urban areas such as Sunshine City Ciputra, Diplomatic Corps (learn more at https://jackierealtor.vn/for-rent/apartments-in-diplomatic-corps-ngoai-giao-doan-hanoi/) , West Lake West, Ciputra Nam Thang Long (learn more at https://jackierealtor.vn/for-rent/apartments-in-ciputra-hanoi/)will be directly connected to form a unified body, creating synchronous traffic infrastructure. From Sunshine City, foreign residents can easily move to embassies and headquarters of foreign agencies.

3. Sync utility system

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Sync utility system

It is no coincidence that Sunshine City has become the focus of foreign customers. Because for them, an ideal place to live is not only to serve the needs of eating, sleeping, and resting, but it must be a place with modern and high-class utilities located in the area.

Here, they can easily “one step down the street”, they are fully satisfied with the needs of modern life from education, health, culture, sports to shopping, entertainment, … In Sunshine City, there are 40 high-end 5-star standard amenities for residents. One of them is the Ciputra 18-hole golf course, helipad, panorama swimming pool, gym and yoga area, the kindergarten of international standard, community activities block, shopping mall, and dining area. luxury food, bar, cafe, beautiful walkway …

4. Leading the 4.0 trend

With the application of smart technology, at the forefront of the trend of things connected to the internet (IoT), Sunshine City has brought a new wind to the market. Accordingly, the investor provides the Sunshine Home application for free to residents. The software will help each resident to perform a series of quick operations on their phone such as: calling a car, shopping, calling repair services, paying bills … very convenient.

In addition, in Sunshine City, there is also Sunshine Pay e-wallet, Sunshine Cab app, Sunshine Service … all utilities can be “ordered” remotely via a touch button on a smartphone.

5. Complete handover, classy interior

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Handover interiors at Sunshine City apartment

For foreigners buying an apartment in Vietnam, a handover project complete with high-class furniture is the first priority. At Sunshine City, each apartment is equipped with Kohler sanitary equipment, Porta Doors, anti-noise doors, Multi Mitsubishi Heavy, and Euro window glass doors …

The elegance and luxury of French architecture are shown delicately in each Sunshine City apartment through the system of high-end gold-plated interior equipment. In particular, the gilded bathroom furniture provided by Kohler is a 5-star hotel with all walls, luxurious deep-tone Mable stone flooring.

Learn more about Sunshine City at https://jackierealtor.vn/for-rent/sunshine-city-apartments/

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